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Heighten the ambiance of your outdoor space with fire pit glass. No longer is the attractiveness and practicality of decorative pit glass reserved only for the opulent.

With so many color options, give your fire pit a fresh existence. Replace those old ceramic logs and commonplace lava rocks.

Fire pit glass retains more heat than ceramic logs. Glass is a wonderful material–stays clean, emits no soot, doesn’t melt, and has a captivating appearance.

Not recommended for indoor open hearth fireplaces.

American Specialty Glass

Glass Fireplace Doors

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Glass fireplace doors from Design Specialties are a beautiful, practical alternative to free-standing screens. Choose them for all the right reasons:

  • Safety – protect children and pets from unstable screens, sparks and flames
  • Energy – keep warm air inside your home, minimize the intrusion of cold drafts.
  • Beauty – a Design Specialties door is 90% art, 10% function, 100% delight!

Design Specialties

Single Flue Chimney Caps

Single Chimney Cap

Chimney caps will keep water out of the flue and protect the termination cap from sun exposure and rain. Custom made from Galvanized Stainless, Stainless Steel or Copper.

Double Flue Chimney Caps & Shrouds

Chimney Cap Double
Chimney Cap Double

Multiple Flue Chimney Caps & Shrouds are built in Galvanized Stainless, Stainless Steel or Copper They provide an affordable way to achieve a custom appearance while protecting more than one flue.

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